RSA Engage Event

Davy J at RSA Engage event
Davy J at RSA Engage event April 2017 Exeter

Binit finally launched to the world at the April 2017 RSA Engage event at Exeter Quay. We gave a three-minute overview of what we are aiming to do and how we are going to go about it, which wasn’t really long enough to describe all our plans!

While the practical project we are working on is developing a platform for businesses to collectively buy waste and recycling services, the vision behind it is of a world where nothing is wasted.

This is important because 80% of the litter in the oceans comes from the land. At Binit, we believe that we can do more to stop this litter on the land: not just clean it up after its been dropped. Our platform is the first step in solving this problem, but helping businesses find better ways of getting their waste and recycling collected that means less chance of litter.

Binit also wants to raise awareness of the problem by getting out and talking to as many groups as possible. We have an Instagram account that is cataloguing the litter we see out and about using #binit. The aim is to be able to assess these photos to identify the main products and brands that are littered, so we can find ways to stop it. This needs behaviour change, but it may also needs changes to some of the products and packaging we currently consume.

This is our mission. If you want to help us, take photos of litter using social media and just use #binit – we’ll track it. And if your local high street or town has a litter problem, that you think could be reduced by better business collections, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

RSA Engage Event

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