Starting Exeter City Futures Accelerator Programme

We are pleased to announce that Binit is now on the Exeter City Futures Accelerator! This is a program led by Exeter City Futures and is designed to transform Exeter into a world-leading sustainable city.

Exeter City Futures is a community Interest Company funded by Oxygen House and is working in partnership with Exeter City Council. The company has set an ambitious target of making the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025 and strives to achieve this through collaborative working and innovation.

The Accelerator was created to support radical entrepreneurs in their efforts to bring about change throughout the city to address challenges defined by public engagement and the challenge definition process. Here at Binit we are committed to improving Exeter through responding to the challenge of halving the Heavy-load vehicles in our city centre to develop solutions for a sustainable future. To see a full list of challenges that Exeter City Futures seeks to address and overcome please click here.

Alongside Binit there are a number of other companies working to bring about positive change within Exeter and to solve the global challenges of energy use and congestion locally. Follow the link to meet the rest of the Phase 1 Cohorts and to see how each company aims to respond to the Exeter City Futures challenges.

Starting Exeter City Futures Accelerator Programme

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