Art Week Exeter

Round table discussions as part of the Floating Waste exhibition.

As part of Art Week Exeter in May, Binit took part in a talk and exhibition entitled Floating Waste. We worked with Helen from Davy J and Mariana from The Ocean Corner to bring together a discussion and exhibition on the impacts of waste in the oceans.

Philippa talked about the importance of design on products and packaging. We need to urgently redesign specific products and packaging that we know are causing damage, like the plastic wrappers around straws on drinks cartons or the single use plastic sachets of sauces and milk. These items are easily littered because of their size and the awkward nature of their use, but are also harder to separate and recycle.

Helen, runs Davy J, an active swimwear brand that makes women’s swimwear from recycled nylon that comes from old fishing nets. Recently launched and based in Devon, Helen is passionate about both the active lifestyles that her swimwear enables and the marine environment and turning a waste material into a product.

Mariana is the artist amongst us and talked about her organisation, The Ocean Corner, a social enterprise that uses marine debris from around the world to create vintage and second hand garments and accessories.

Art Week Exeter

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