Recycled Printer Toners

We are proud to announce that we have just sent off our first printer toner collection!


136 printer toners collected from all over the BID have now been boxed up and sent off to be reused and recycled. With roughly one litre of oil used to manufacture one printer toner, you can do the maths: around 136 litres of crude oil have been saved, and 50kg of waste has just evaded landfill!


Of the 65 million printer toners discarded every year in the UK, currently only 15% of those are recycled or reused: the rest ends up as solid waste in landfill. With our new WEEE scheme, however, we are working to tip that ratio to something slightly more sustainable!


Once collected, printer toners and inkjets are processed at a recycling plant, where they are separated out into their individual components. Each of these components then travels down a separate waste stream, depending on the type of material. For example:


  • Leftover toner powder can be reused to create low-quality ink or be used as an additive in other industrial processes.
  • Plastics account for roughly 75% of the material used in printer toners. Once recycled, they can be re-granulated and then used in high grade or low-grade applications, such as car bumpers or benches.
  • Metals contained within printer toners and ink cartridges are also removed and recycled into new products.

Don’t forget Binit offers four free electronic waste collections for businesses. Simply put your old electronic appliances in our canvas WEEE bags provided, get in touch and we’ll collect it for you!


Recycled Printer Toners

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