My Binit Work Experience

I decided to do my year 11 work experience at Binit after hearing how much they value helping the environment but I still had no idea what to expect when I walked through the door. I was pleasantly surprised when I was met by a small but very helpful group of people who guided me through my 1 week experience.

On the first day I was shown around the Science Park building by my boss Philippa (the co-founder of the company) who then went on to explain her business to me in more depth. I quickly learnt how Binit reduces the impact of waste on the environment and was then guided on their outbound sales processes, I even made a list! I really enjoyed my first day and was excited to come back tomorrow. Tuesday was a lot more active as I joined Philippa in a few meetings and learned more information about the ins and outs of Binit. After that I got the opportunity to try out some marketing for Binit on their Instagram and ended the day on a teams call looking over some data. Wednesday started by updating some information on existing customers however, after listening to Sara answer a few calls to customers I was encouraged to try doing some customer service myself and despite being a bit nervous on the first call it quickly became a lot of fun.

On Thursday I was invited to come and watch Sara in a few sales meetings, we took the bus into Exeter and I learnt what sort of preparations were needed and what kind of questions would be asked. We then went on to visit The Cheeky Vegan who are a customer of Binit and I enjoyed a vegan milkshake and despite not even being a vegetarian I found it surprisingly tasty. On my final day I got to the office early so I could make it to a meeting with Philippa and Ethan and even though I had been to a few meetings before this was by far the most professional and I watched as many questions were asked from both sides and got to know how to answer them. Finally, I had a relaxing end to the week and helped myself to some brownies which were brought into the office.

I loved my week here and learnt a lot of new skills which I’m sure will become useful in the future and am thankful for every member of the team who made this whole experience a lot more enjoyable as there was always someone among us who had something interesting to say.