Pink Moon. How hospitality deals with waste

Many businesses that suffer from commercial waste problems are in hospitality. This often fast-paced industry is built around enticing customers with a cool atmosphere, friendly and hard-working staff who meet your customer’s needs, and swanky themes that distinguish you from the competition. However, business owners often need to weigh their options. Space may be at a premium and your location might be easy to walk past but not to drive to. Most importantly though, food and drink establishments need to be kept clean! Therein lies the problem with waste. With so much focus on the image of an establishment, how do you deal with waste?

This was just one of the problems that Binit tackled with Pink Moon, alongside hundreds of other businesses in hospitality. Pink Moon aimed to eliminate waste from public view. They set ambitious new recycling targets, all while trying to reduce their commercial waste management costs.

In partnership with Binit, they succeeded in their effort to eliminate waste. Customers no longer walk past bins but can still see their recycling efforts. Our branding allows for staff to recycle more easily and our partnerships reduced costs from increasing recycling rates. All this came from small changes introduced by simply switching commercial waste providers. Hospitality often suffers the most from waste and we’re helping put a stop to this.