No Waste Leominster

Leominster trade cardboard recycling

From Friday 18th January 2019, a new cardboard recycling service will be offered to Leominster businesses alongside new, regular rubbish collections.

This innovative new trade waste service will be provided by Binit, in partnership with Leominster Town Council, and will be rolled out as the No Waste Leominster (NoW Leominster) campaign.

The decision to provide the service comes after a survey of Leominster businesses in 2018 revealed a strong demand for a recycling collection service in the town. NoW Leominster will initially focus on regular rubbish collections and cardboard recycling, with a view to considering broadening the service to other recyclables in the future.

  • If you are a large business and currently have bins for rubbish and/or recycling then we can offer new bins at competitive prices, with regular emptying.
  • If you are a small business and don’t produce much waste, you can sign up to our annual membership scheme for £25 per year (ex VAT). This allows you to buy rubbish bags at a reduced rate and recycle as much cardboard as you like at no cost, all of which goes in one of our communal bins.

To sign up, please either call us direct on 01568 572858 or email