services: thinking beyond the bin

We take your mind off waste – making sure it's taken care of well, when and in a way you want, always with a fair price tag.


We collect:
Glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, food, electricals, toners, batteries.

Whatever you throw away, we want to recycle it


Some things can’t be recycled yet.
We are zero to landfill and always try to find the closest energy from waste plant to reduce rubbish miles

on-demand collection:
arrange an extra pick-up in seconds

Unexpected delivery? Extra busy day? Refit? Contact us for one-off rubbish removals. You don’t need to be a Binit customer

going circular

A circular economy keeps all resources circulating at as high value as possible for as long as possible. We have left base camp, but the summit is still a way off.

partnerships, collaboration;
working with others

We couldn’t do what we do without our partners. Because of them, we’ve been able to offer whole town recycling to businesses in Leominster and across Exeter. And that’s just the start.

Want to work with us?

nerdy about data

The easy to use Binit app will give us all the information we need to help you recycle more and reduce what you are throwing away. Binit better.

on demand collection, bespoke services – join us now!

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