commercial waste collections

Binit provides brilliant rubbish and recycling services for businesses. Commercial waste, trade waste, general waste, whatever you call it, we can deal with it. But don’t you think throwing stuff away is a bit rubbish? Well, that’s why we offer source segregation wherever possible. The more you separate, the cleaner the materials, the more likely they’ll be recycled or reused. Simple.

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Saving the planet shouldn’t cost the earth. We make recycling easy.

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Anything that can’t be recycled gets turned into renewable energy.

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WEEE, hazardous
& clinical

Recycle electrical items & safely remove clinical & hazardous waste.

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on-demand collection:
arrange an extra pick-up in seconds

Unexpected delivery? Extra busy day? Refit? Contact us for one-off clearances. You don’t need to be a Binit customer to benefit.

or call us on 01392 247035

your Binit journey

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today 😀

join Binit

We start our journey with a waste audit, find ways to increase your recycling, and give you the correct bins.

We get your bins in place, send you your posters, and you’re ready to #BinitBetter.

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3 months ✅

data tracking complete

We’ve started tracking your waste through our Binit app and we’re learning from the data and optimising your service.

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6 months ♻️

It’s 6 months in and we’ll provide you with a report of your progress, let you know how much you’re recycling and your carbon saving.

You’re doing your bit and we’re helping you get there!

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1 year 🥳

thinking beyond the bin

Wow, time flies! You’ve been with us for a year and now managing your waste is easy.

At this point, we want to move you on to a monthly flat rate – that way it becomes our responsibility to reduce your waste. You’ll unlock extras when you reduce your waste.

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companies that trust Binit

Read case studies from leading brands

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circular economy and net zero consulting services

A circular economy aims to eliminate waste and keep resources in use, at their highest value, for as long as possible. We’re experts in understanding resource flows, the principles and practicalities of the circular economy and supporting your business on its sustainability or Net Zero journey.

If you want to become an industry leader, reduce the environmental impact of your business and save money in the process, we can help.

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Binit is working with Norwich Business Improvement District as part of their ERDF-funded Upcycle your waste project.

Binit has conducted waste audits of 300 businesses in the area and developed the business case for increasing recycling and waste reduction measures along with building new upcycling activities.

on demand collection, bespoke services – join us now!

We can improve your service. Can we save you money too?