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★★★★★ “Efficient, flexible and approachable. Plus we are now recycling way more than ever before.”

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We help you recycle more. Waste is a resource in the wrong place; we’ll help you get it right.


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Waste nothing; recycling is better for your pocket and with our wide range of services you’ll always find one that fits.


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Be in control of your waste with our smart and easy app giving 24/7 customer service across all your sites.

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rest easy

Save time worrying about your waste. Did you know that some SMEs spend more on staff time fixing problems with their waste services than on the cost of the service itself? Let us do the work for you. Binit makes managing your commercial waste and recycling hassle-free.

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what gets us out of bed?

We don’t believe in waste of any kind, not just resources, but also time, energy, ideas or money. Life is short; we don’t want to waste any of it.

We exist to provide brilliant rubbish and recycling services to businesses. We’re developing tech in our bins to understand more about commercial waste so we can help you reduce its impact.

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