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Unexpected delivery? Extra busy day? Refit? Contact us for an on-demand collection or one-off clearance and take the hassle out of waste.

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how does Binit work?

Binit operates on an Uber model that means we don’t provide vehicles but we do provide bins and solutions.

what can Binit collect?

Binit can collect all waste types. If you’re having a refit, an office clearout or have a fridge that needs to be properly disposed of, we can help.

what are the benefits of using Binit?

Binit have access to multiple waste collectors and can provide any service you need. We can offer collections as soon as the same day. As we expand, this means anywhere in the country.

how much will my collection cost?

This really depends on the amount of waste you produce. You can get an accurate quote by sending us pictures and describing the waste you need Binit to collect.

is Binit a registered waste carrier?

Binit is a registered waste carrier. Our license number is CBDU191630. All of our partners are heavily vetted and also hold a waste carriers license. We guarantee that the waste we manage goes to a registered site.