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commercial waste collection

Binit provides brilliant rubbish and recycling services across the country. If you throw something away it legally becomes a waste. Commercial waste collection, trade waste, rubbish, recycling, whatever you call it, we can deal with it.

If the stuff you throw away can’t be recycled, we call it rubbish. You might also hear it called general waste, residual waste or refuse, but if it can’t be recycled, then that is rubbish!

We offer a range of containers from 140L bins through to skips and front-end loaders or roll-on roll-off units with compactors. If you are not sure what size containers you need, then please ask.

what does my service look like?

Binit provides a flexible service that suits your business needs with collections up to 7-days a week throughout the U.K. Whether you’re a small business needing bag collections, or a restaurant or office space who want to separate as much as possible, we can build a service for you. We are experts in handling multi-site businesses within the same company, school or social enterprise.

We provide all the bins or containers that you will need and manage all the collections using our unique, vetted networks of partners. This means your commercial waste could be collected by bicycle, or by a skip lorry, whatever works best in your area.

what happens to your waste?

No matter what recycling and rubbish you produce, we have the vehicles and facilities to process it locally and in the most eco-friendly way possible. We send nearly all our rubbish to be incinerated at Energy from Waste (EfW) plants. These generate electricity and heat that powers homes in the UK. The by-products and bottom ash are generally used in the construction industry and any metal in that ash is recycled.

Recycling, such as glass, cardboard or tins are processed at local Material Reclamation Facilities (MRF) and can be taken mixed or source-segregated.

As an agile company, we always try and find the closest processing facilities to your business. This saves rubbish miles and reduces your carbon footprint. Smart.

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any questions?

what is commercial waste?

Rubbish, general waste, whatever you call it, this is the stuff that can’t be recycled.

where do you collect commercial waste?

As a hybrid broker Binit can organise collections anywhere in the UK. While our base is in the South West we’re rapidly expanding and can service customers from Exeter to Aberdeen.

what if I have multiple businesses or sites?

You are in the right place. If you own a franchise or you have multiple sites, Binit is perfectly placed to deal with all your waste needs. With a dedicated account manager and all your invoices in one place, Binit provide a hassle-free service. Just ask Pizza Express.

are Binit legally allowed to take and manage my waste

Binit have a registered waste carriers licence and are fully compliant in the handling and transporting of waste. We regularly review the documentation of all our suppliers and provide annual waste transfer notes to all customers, or additionally on request.

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