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saving the planet shouldn’t cost the earth. let’s make recycling easy.

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mixed recycling

Dry mixed recycling is the technical term for anything recyclable that isn’t food. Food is wet, the other stuff is dry. This is the easiest way to recycle as a business, it saves you up to 50% compared to a rubbish collection and it helps save the planet by keeping resources flowing.

Whether it’s paper, cardboard, cans, or plastic, we have you covered. We’ll also send you posters and complete a free waste audit to help your team recycle more.

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food composting

Replenish the soil and reduce your rubbish. It doesn’t get better than this!

Your food waste is taken to a fancy compost site (Anaerobic Digester) to create energy to power homes and compost to replenish the earth.

Oh, and it also helps make delicious ice cream. We know, we’ve tested it extensively.

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cardboard recycling

Recycled cardboard can be turned back into new cardboard in just six days. Some businesses produce a lot of cardboard, and we know how to deal with it in the most effective possible way. Sometimes that means using a baler.

Binit glass bin

glass recycling

Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality. Recycling your glass also saves energy, carbon emissions, and raw materials. Now that’s circular.

To recycle your glass, simply rinse and place your glass in your dedicated Binit glass bin. We collect it when you need us to and keep your resources flowing through the circular economy.

Any glass that can’t be recycled is broken down and used in the construction industry.

Binit Bin Plastic

plastic recycling

Once the plastic is collected it is sent to a recycling centre and separated into different polymers. The plastic is recycled into new products and keeps resources in flow. Ideally though, we want to work with you to get rid of plastics in the first place.

Binit Bin Cans

cans and aluminium

Cans are infinitely recyclable and only use around 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make one from raw materials. Recycling your cans can be a great way to make a difference as a business.

If you are a school or charity and want to raise funds through can recycling, do get in touch, as we’re happy to help you raise money.

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paper and confidential waste

Binit offers on-site and off-site paper recycling and confidential waste services throughout the UK. Safely and securely destroyed, and carefully recycled.

Whether you need a bagged collection, regular collections or a one-of-collection, we’ll make sure you can rest easy.

Are your staff working from home? We offer household shredding services to make sure you remain compliant even when employees aren’t in the office.

Binit Bin WEEE

electrical, toners and batteries

Did you know your waste electricals are full of valuable materials? Recycling them keeps the materials in circulation for longer.

Based in Exeter? We offer free waste electrical recycling collections for businesses through our carbon-neutral electric bike service. Like the sound of that but live elsewhere? Get in touch to see if we can set up in your area.