dave and jodie go on a cardboard run!

Each day at Binit is never the same. We all know that we need to recycle our used cardboard, but do you what happens after we do so? Today we’ll try to give you some insight.

Ever wondered what it’s like to go on a cardboard run? Dave and Jodie found out a couple weeks ago! They went on a trip with Andrew who does our weekly Exeter cardboard run to see exactly how he does it all.

They headed into Exeter City Centre to our communal bin stores and learned how to safely unload and load cardboard into vehicles as well as how to identify clean and contaminated cardboard. After collecting all the cardboard from around our customer sites, they headed to Exeter’s own council-run Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) to deliver the cardboard. If you are interested in knowing exactly what happens after the cardboard arrives at the MRF, give our blog a read, linked below!

where does my recycling go? part one: cardboard