eco-friendly festive crafts

Christmas Crafts

As most schools break up today for the festive period, you might be planning some fun activities for yourself and little ones.

Why not try making some eco-friendly crafts?

  1. Dried orange garlands: All you need is some string, oranges, baking tray and parchment paper. Slice your oranges thinly, spread it out on the parchment paper on your baking tray and place it in the oven at 75°C until dry. String them together and now you have a beautiful garland! This craft will also make your house smell amazing.
  2. Cut out gift tags: You can make gift tags out of leftover wrapping paper or card. Cut it into whatever shape you desire.
  3. DIY Christmas cards: Make it a challenge to find items around your house to make a Christmas cards. It could be some loose buttons or tinsel, and get creative!
  4. Homemade gifts: Use this opportunity to make homemade gifts such as baked goods.