feral for food waste at The Wave

In partnership with Binit, we love supporting The Wave’s efforts to make their site efficiently sustainable. This week we went along to their site to give their bins a little extra TLC and do a few other tasks to help them on their journey. 


One of things we noticed at The Wave was a slight contamination of recycling. We understand that people may not always get recycling right. It can be a little confusing – does a chocolate bar wrapper go in the food waste bin? And, is this coffee cup recyclable? 

(If you’re looking for an answer to both of those questions it would be NO!)

 So, we teamed up with The Wave to help rectify the situation. One of our solutions was to create witty staff training videos. These worked out well as a comedic, yet informative message that will hopefully prompt staff to become more proactive in keeping the bins clean. Another solution was for us Binit members to ensure that each bin was labelled clearly for the segregated points of recycling e.g. food waste, cardboard and rubbish. We hope that by doing so, customers will have an easier time recognising which bin their waste can go into. 

Since working with us, The Wave is steadily increasing their recycling by about 2% each month – 35% of which comes from food waste. Safe to say The Wave are certainly feral about their food waste. If you’re interested in visiting The Wave, this is their website https://www.thewave.com or work with us https://binituk.com/contact/