how the University of Exeter is working towards carbon net-zero by 2030

Back in 2019, the University of Exeter needed an innovative waste provider that could help them realise their climate ambition to become net-zero carbon by 2030 and increase their recycling rate by 2025. They decided to Binit better. We formed a partnership with a local contractor to reduce heavy vehicle movements and process the university’s recycling and rubbish only 2 kilometres away from the university itself, reducing their carbon footprint. 

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Binit’s innovative technology allows any of their customers to log their own recycling patterns via the ‘bin fullness’ feature on our web app. This means that not only can we ensure that the waste collection process is as efficient as possible through analysing the data collected, but also that customers like the University of Exeter can track their own recycling rates and see exactly how sustainable they are and whether this lines up with their carbon neutral climate ambition. For example, within only the first year of our contract with the university, we increased their recycling rate by 8%.

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