how to build a bug hotel

Have you got any garden waste or natural materials lying around? Well here is how you can create a perfect hideaway for ladybirds, woodlice, bees, frogs and even hedgehogs. 

[All information is from RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)]

step 1: choose a suitable site

Make sure that you have a level and solid ground to build your bug hotel on. A good base for your hotel is something like a wooden pallet and placing old bricks on the corners can give extra stability. Make sure to leave gaps for the creatures to move through.

step 2: fill in the gaps

You can use all sorts of natural materials to make tunnels and beds for creatures, such as:

  • Dead wood and loose bark for beetles, spiders and woodlice
  • Holes and small tubes made out of reeds, bamboo or cardboard for solitary bees
  • Larger holes with stones, tiles, or pieces of terracotta plant pots which provide cool and damp conditions for frogs
  • Dry leaves, sticks and straw for ladybirds and beetles
  • Corrugated cardboard for lacewings

step 3: add a ‘roof’

It’s a good idea to put a roof of some kind on top of your hotel to make sure it’s kept dry and can shelter some of the creatures. This could be some old roof tiles. RSPB suggest that you can put some wildflower seeds around the hotel to feed the butterflies and bees.

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