Jodie Floyde wins Apprentice of the Month

Starting as an apprentic during Coronavirus…

I began my customer service apprenticeship with Binit in September 2020. Since then, we have been in and out of lockdown, making the introduction to work-life difficult. Now, I am back in the office and near the end of my apprenticeship; about to start my End Point Assessment. So it couldn’t have been a better time to find out that I have been awarded Apprentice of the Month!…

Part of my initial covid experience was the fact I didn’t get a chance to sit my GCSE’s and had to leave secondary school in March. This was strange for me as I didn’t have a chance to think about what I wanted to study in college. As I was starting to panic one of my family members suggested doing an apprenticeship as I never really enjoyed studying hard in a classroom. It was at this point I found Binit advertising for a customer service apprentice on the Exeter College website. They stood out for me as I didn’t have much knowledge on waste and recycling, so it was something I was interested in learning more about, especially as there was such a focus on sustainable practices. They also seemed like a nice team to work with.

Why I enjoy binit

I love being an apprentice at Binit because every day is different and no one knows what we might get up to. All my colleagues are so supportive, and if I ever get stuck on a task then they do not hesitate to help me. Even when we were all working from home and I had only just started they would stay in touch every day to make sure I was comfortable. I think that this was part of the reason Binit was awarded employer of the month.

Alongside employer of the month, I was awarded ‘apprentice of the month’ too, which was a big surprise for me. I had always tried to ensure my college-work balance was manageable but Binit also played a role in ensuring I was doing the best work I could. I have grown my knowledge in the business environment and developed my skills in customer service. The skills I learned from college are also transferable in my job role. For example, managing customer expectations, multitasking and time management.

My apprenticeship at Binit has helped me to build my future, as I have more experience in what I enjoy, which helps me understand what I want to achieve in my career. I am looking forward to continuing my career with Binit and seeing where my role takes me.

Jodie Floyde, 17 – 2021