(Re) Cycling at Ride-On

Here at Binit, we love to work with customers who share our values and circular economy mission. I have a passion for both cycling and recycling so I couldn’t think of a better organisation to work with than Ride-On, the Exeter Quay-based circular economy cycling charity.

Ride-On and Binit

At its core, Ride-On’s mission is to get more people cycling more often. From its little workshop in Exeter, Will and the team at Ride-On have refurbished and sold a stunning 5,439 bikes to date. Their skilled mechanics, including many volunteers work tirelessly to match pre-loved bikes with a new owner. And it doesn’t stop there; Ride-On’s volunteers love to pass on their knowledge and skills to the general public, running BYOB (bring your own bike) sessions where they will show you how to fix and maintain your pride and joy.

Ride-On have recycled 5,439 bikes

Their passion doesn’t stop at cycling, though. Every single bicycle and component that passes through Ride-On is either reconditioned and used on a bike, kept for use in future, or sent to a local metal merchant for recycling. As a result of this commitment, they produce a tiny quantity of general waste; indeed, they receive small collections only once per fortnight!

There’s no underestimating the impact of this charity. I’ve used their workshop on three separate occasions to service my bikes, and just last month I bought an expertly reconditioned bike. Since, I’ve cycled more than ever before; Ride-On has played a big part in keeping my passion for cycling alive.

Ride On – Cycling for all (rideoncycling.org)

Specialised Diverge Carbon Comp 2016, reconditioned by Ride-On Exeter