we’re on a podcast!

Last August, we spoke with Greenkode, a hi-tech company based in Cornwall, working to reduce food waste in the hospitality sector. In their podcast Zero Waste Kode, Episode 31: Sustainable Carbon Emission, our CEO and co-founder Philippa spoke about her experience of 20 years in the waste sector. 

In the podcast episode, Philippa explains that Binit UK has evolved from aiming to reduce the amount of street litter that ends up in the sea to now trying to support the circular economy model through reimagining what we can do with our waste. For instance, the food waste that is collected from our bins is transported to an anaerobic digestion plant and converted into energy that can be used to heat and power our homes.

Binit has come so far in creating initiatives with particular customers to work on their specific waste issues, such as too much food waste, or not enough recycling and segregation occurring within their organisation. Philippa raises the point of encouraging businesses to use substitutes for e.g. plastic material in their daily routine at work.

To find out more, you can access the podcast on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts here.