country camping with a greener twist

There is nothing like a classic British holiday like camping in the British country-side; reconnecting with nature, friends and family. However, why not try a campsite that’s putting a push on sustainability. Here at Binit we’ve looked into a few sites in Devon who are pushing a green economy. It’s not all that is out there, but here is definitely a couple to take a look at before your next holiday in the Devonshire country-side. 

Oak-Tree Lane Glamping

Situated on the verge between Devon and Cornwall we admire these guys because of their current Green Policy actively making their campsite to be as circular as possible. The policy goes over all the details they’re doing to make little changes that will have a big impact. For instance: using LED lighting where possible and having limited to no plug sockets in their facilities that will reduce their electricity consumption. They have a circular grey water system that is harvested and treated to go back into streams or used on their livestock “zero mile field to fork” policy. Here’s their page for more info:

Woodovis Camping and Caravan Park

These guys are devoted to keeping their park green and have won multiple eco awards because of it. The park has become fully self-sufficient from their solar panels and reduces their carbon emissions by sourcing water locally with its own fresh water bore hole. The park has clearly gone to great lengths in order to achieve this and we definitely appreciate it here at Binit. Check out more:

Longlands Glamping

At Longlands Glamping they are making changes. Not only does the site commit to living green but they share recent activities on the progress they’re making to continue that push. In May 2022, they planted a new Orchard that will enable the site to further host a range of wildlife. They added a variety of trees and wild flowers to encourage this. Here is the article for more:

Another way to become more sustainable is through us! We will ensure your waste is taken promptly and sustainably. Get in touch and find out more