Diverting duvets from landfill with three donations

In February, Binit helped in diverting 1500 duvets and 500 pillows from landfill on behalf of the University of Exeter. These duvets and pillows had been kept in storage for a long time so they were no longer fit for use. To maintain a circular economy model, we decided that they could be well-used by animals! So, we spent some time getting in contact with a number of animal charities to see if they would like a duvet and pillow donation. In the end, we found two animal charities (who had recently had a litter of puppies) and a local riding stable. These local organisations were the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary, Heazle Arena and Country Hill Animal Shelter.

Now for a cuteness overload…

Country Hill2
Dog1 image0
Dog2 image5

How we did it:

Once the charities had been found, we arranged for two local couriers to deliver the duvets and pillows for us. The items were collected from three different locations across the University campus. Collections and deliveries took over two days with two Lutons (man with a van!) making the trips to each charity. Each charity had well-received the bedding and now all the animals have a nice warm duvet to curl up to at night! This duvet and pillow donation is just one of many examples of using a circular economy mindset to reduce waste and pollution, while at the same time making lots of people (and furry friends) smile! If you are looking for a similar clearance job or need help with ideas if how to best recycle/dispose of something, yo can reach out to us. Just email home@binituk.com, call us at 01392 247035 or chat to us through our website Binit | business recycling and rubbish sorted – waste nothing (binituk.com)