how Glastonbury festival mastered sustainable waste management

Founded in 1970, the Glastonbury Festival has grown into the UK’s largest music festival, featuring renowned artists like Coldplay and Dua Lipa in its 2024 line-up. Attracting over 210,000 attendees annually, Glastonbury has transformed what could be a significant environmental challenge into a sustainability success story, here’s how they did it

Recycling Revolution 

Glastonbury’s commitment to recycling is nothing short of impressive. The festival recycles or reuses half of all its waste, beating the UK national average. From paper to plastic, Glastonbury ensures that what can be recycled, is recycled. The festival also has its own on-site recycling plant for hand-separating waste for single-stream recycling.

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Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastics!

In 2019, Glastonbury took a bold step by banning single-use plastic bottles. This move alone has prevented millions of plastic items from ending up in landfills. The festival has gone even further, introducing compostable crisp packets and banning disposable vapes. It’s all part of their mission to “Love the Farm, Leave No Trace.”

Creative Upcycling

Glastonbury doesn’t just recycle; it reimagines. The festival has constructed stages from reclaimed materials, turning what might have been waste into works of art. Imagine dancing in an arena built from recycled plastic found littering public spaces!

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At Binit, we’re inspired by Glastonbury’s commitment to waste reduction. Our vision and approach to waste management focuses on simplifying waste for events and businesses, emphasizing eco-friendly solutions that align with sustainability goals.

Glastonbury Festival proves that sustainability and celebration can go hand in hand. By tackling waste management head-on and embracing innovative solutions, Glastonbury sets a new standard for eco-friendly events.

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