Pizza Express: From waste everything to waste nothing

Pizza Express have been serving customers in Exeter pizzas and delicious desserts since 1998. That also happens to be the year our business relationship manager, Ethan, was born! However, after Ethan met with management, Pizza Express realised it was time to Binit better. After all, waste had been causing issues since the beginning:

  • With no options to recycle, everything was sent to landfill
  • Costs spiralled out of control as recycling was never reviewed
  • Over a tonne of rubbish was produced every week!

This is where Binit started to think different. We started with the waste itself. The majority of the weight which was contributing to high costs, was from food and glass. As both of these can be recycled, we provided dedicated recycling options which were less costly and reduced contamination in the dry recycling. We then separated the cardboard, plastic and cartons from the rest of the waste, allowing them to go from wasting everything, to recycling upwards of 70% of their waste!

You can see the improvements this made to just one store in our poster. What might surprise you is that they now save 50% of their waste management costs as a result! Waste nothing, including money!

Our slogan is to Binit better. Whether you’re a customer of ours or not, we want to help with waste. Since becoming a customer, Pizza Express have made even more improvements to their recycling. This includes internal eduction and signage to help employees. You can find out how we’ve helped other businesses too, like Pink Moon. Do you find some of the issues we’ve mentioned apply to you too? You should contact us! We’d love to hear from you, and you don’t have to produce a tonne of waste a week to get our interest.

From the man himself, Ethan