progressive eco-action at the prospect

Let’s talk about sustainability in the hospitality industry. One pub and restaurant in Exeter that strives to be more eco-conscious is The Prospect Inn down by the Quay. We commend their efforts striving towards sustainability and we will be discussing some of them in this blog post. First, they are a member of 1% of the Planet, which means that they donate at least 1% of their annual turnover to environmental organisations in the UK and Ireland; their chosen organisations are Devon Environment Foundation and the Tiyeni Fund.

In addition, for every Otter Brewery barrel The Prospect sell, a tree is planted. This is in partnership with Devon Wildlife Trust’s project ‘Saving Devon’s Treescapes’ which aims to plant 250,000 trees in just five years. In terms of their produce, The Prospect obtain their glass-bottled milk from a local farm Taw River Dairy via Farm to Folk, grow their own tomatoes, and use Teapigs, whose tea bags are biodegradable, made out of cornstarch and the packaging composed of wood pulp and recycled cardboard.

At the bar, there are only paper straws and not a single disposable plastic cup to be seen. The staff wear ethically-made aprons, their straps made of cork, and their Binit bins ensure that they can segregate recycling, rubbish and food waste efficiently. Their bathrooms feature 100% organic period products from Ohne, inventive soap bar sticks and toilet paper made from bamboo, significantly reducing their plastic waste.

IMG 7453

Alongside all this, The Prospect are a proud member of The Living Wage Foundation, meaning that they pay a real living wage based upon the cost of living, beyond the government minimum.

If you’re wanting to visit a pub in Exeter this summer, make sure you check out The Prospect Inn, as we wholeheartedly support their eco-concious efforts.

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