the wave season opening weekend

We had the honour of attending The Wave season opening weekend on Saturday. Good weather, great surf, nice bins⁠ 😉 What’s not to love?

We have worked with The Wave since 2022. Together, we’ve identified imagery that best work for their staff and customers in terms of direction. For example, crisp packets for the rubbish bin and banana peels and pizza slices on their food bin. We also introduced takeaway cups as an additional waste stream for external use as that was one that we pinpointed that contaminated their regular bins. Having plastic bottles and cans as a separate waste stream also helps customers to better recycle as it is clearly signposted.

Did you know, most of the waste vehicle movements are less than 8 miles from The Wave? For a visual representation, click here.

Keep an eye out for fun family activities launching at The Wave for half-term and make sure to put your waste in the right bins when you go!