We don’t believe in waste of any kind, not just resources, but also time, energy, ideas or money. Life is short; we don’t want to waste it. Here you can delve deeper into the work with do with our customers by reading our binit blogs.

all about waste management

Binit’s core aims are to get litter off the streets and to reduce heavy vehicle movements. We don’t run our own vehicles, but we own the bins and we are developing tech in these bins. Each Binit bin has a unique QR code that takes you to our bespoke customer service platform.

where does it go?

Well where it goes depends on what waste it is and who takes it away. At Binit, we believe in sending your waste to the best possible end destination. This means that we don’t send any waste to landfill.

Rubbish: Energy from waste facilities.

Food: Anaerobic digestion plants, both of which feed power back to the grid.

Mixed recycling: Material reclamation facility

Glass: Recresco, to be turned into aggregate products

Cardboard: Material reclamation facility

Plastics: Processed at Plastic Reprocessing Plants

Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): Processed at Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF)

big binit breakfast #6 : esg

Our 6th Big Binit Breakfast! Join us at The Glorious Art House Cafe and Venue on Thursday 29/02/24 from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. to discuss environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and other industry happenings. Entry fee is £1 for customers and £10 for non-customers, all of which will go towards our chosen charity. At our previous breakfasts, we raised donations for Pete’s Dragons, Hospiscare , FORCE Cancer Charity & St Petrock’s (Exeter) Ltd.

Email or sign up below

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big binit breakfast #5 : cop28

Our Big Binit Breakfast is back! Big Binit Breakfasts are educational sessions where our customers and members of the public can enjoy hot drinks and pastries while learning about specific topics and other industry happenings.

On the 23rd of January, our speaker Cecilia Mañosa Nyblon shared her work with GreenFutures and the University of Exeter for COP28, COP27 and COP26. Read more in our information pack!

refer a friend!

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one-off collections and confidential shredding

Start the new year with a clean space! Been putting off disposing of some items? Want to make sure your confidential information is properly shredded? Binit has the solution for you.

We are able to do one-off collections for: rubbish, recycling, WEEE, fridges, random items. You name it, we should be able to do it!

We’ve all got some paperwork that we no longer need, kept in a drawer, waiting to be safely disposed off. Sometimes you are required to keep some of your documents for 3+ years, well what do you do with it after? With Binit we can provide you with secure confidential shredding for ease of mind.

With these one-off collections and confidential shredding, you now have a clean and clear space, ready to start your year!

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